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Live Independently Without Feeling Alone

Whether you're concerned about your own safety or the well-being of a loved one, you can relax because your personal Care Link PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) is always on duty. All it takes is the push of a button and an emergency response dispatcher is on the line, ready to summon whatever help you need. You communicate with the emergency response dispatcher using Care Link PERS hands free two-way voice module.

Your personal call button can be worn in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle. It is waterproof so you can even wear it in the bath or shower. If you fall... feel ill... have a medical emergency... hear an intruder... or have a fire, simply push the Call Button and help is on the way.

Care Link PERS is ideal for:

  • Seniors who live alone, or are alone at times.
  • People with medical conditions.
  • People with difficulty walking and/or at risk of falling.
  • Anyone who might need help in an emergency.

How It Works

  • Press the Call Button and the Care Link PERS dials the emergency dispatch center.
  • A trained dispatcher answers and talks with you over the built-in speaker phone.
  • The emergency dispatcher calls for emergency assistance required, and notifies family members, friends, or neighbours.
  • Bilingual dispatchers are available at all times.

Expand Your Safety Net:

For even greater protection, you can add special features like medication reminders. MobileHelp is America's first and only medical alert system to work nationwide - allowing you to summon emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are, by simply pressing your own Personal Help Button.MobileHelp enables you to participate in activities that you enjoy outside of your home, such as gardening, taking walks, shopping and traveling, all with the peace of mind of having a medical alert system with you at all times.